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Complete internet security & privacy on the move.

With the TotalAV companion app for iOS you have the tools to keep your security and privacy whilst on the move. From VPN protection, to blocking of dangerous websites, we’ve got you covered.

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Also available for Windows, Mac and Android

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Complete internet security & privacy on the move.

With the TotalAV companion app for iOS you have the tools to keep your security and privacy whilst on the move. From VPN protection, to blocking of dangerous websites, we’ve got you covered.

Also available for Windows, Mac and Android

Advanced protection & privacy at your fingertips

In today’s technology-fuelled world, mobile devices like smartphones have become an extension of us. Cyber criminals are now out to exploit that – so don’t let them.

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Block Malicious Websites

Instantly detect & block malicious websites and content to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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Encrypt Your Connection

Achieve a higher level of privacy on public WiFi with the easy-to-connect capabilities of our VPN.

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System Security Check

Maintain your system security, ensuring you’re up-to-date at all times, with crucial privacy settings enabled.

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Data Breach Monitoring

Proactively monitor your personal email address & receive notifications if your data is compromised.

Take WebShield with you. Everywhere.

Block Online Threats

Courtesy of real-time monitoring, WebShield works without rest to safeguard against all manner of cyber threats.

Protect your Information

WebShield checks sites for untrustworthy and fraudulent activity, keeping your priceless data away from cyber criminals.

Stay Safe & Secure on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is vulnerable

Instantly secure open Wi-Fi networks, preventing snoopers & hackers from accessing your priceless information.

Use a VPN on-the-go

Data protection doesn’t just end at home – extend your anonymity all the way with our specially developed iOS app.

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VPN app

Keep your iOS device up to date with a System Security check

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Ensure you have the latest iOS updates
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Check you have a Passcode set on your device
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Set up FaceID to keep your device secure

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4.6 out of 5

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24th Aug 2021

“I always feel safe with this app been a customer a few years great job”


22nd Aug 2021

“I absolutely love this app and is well worth the money. A+”

Roger T

2nd Aug 2021

“This app has made me feel like I know I’m safe in the internet and I know how my identity is being used. Before I was really paranoid about if my data is being used for the wrong reason, but now I know that is it safe and it will be protected as long as I have this app. I really hope this inspires people to get the app!”

B Bouy

8th Apr 2021

“What a wonderful app. I couldn’t be more pleased or praise it more highly. Definitely has my Seal of Approval and hearty recommendations. ”

C Jun

16th Mar 2021

“This is teaching me new things I never knew existed I love it it’s the best thing ever invented”

S Pazz


Frequently Asked Questions

Will TotalAV work on my iPhone/iPad?

TotalAV is available on iOS 9.0 or above and is optimised for both iPhone and iPad.

Do I need antivirus on my phone?

iOS is a secure operating system straight out of the box. Assuming it is kept up to date, Apple ensure it remains secure and safe by allowing apps to only be installed from their heavily vetted and guarded App Store. So then, traditional viruses and malware aren’t a problem.

TotalAV for iPhone and iPad embodies the security and privacy protection beyond that - providing VPN encryption, ensuring your devices internet access doesn’t leak your sensitive data, we also provide our WebShield technology which prevents you from reaching sites which perpetuate phishing and eCommerce scams.

What does TotalAV for iOS do?

The TotalAV companion app contains a number of tools for increasing your security and privacy online. As well as VPN and dangerous website filtering, TotalAV for iOS includes dark web monitoring, device location tracking, system security and update alerts, a tracking-free web browser and a handy way to manage the photos on your device - to clear clogged up memory.

What are the biggest threats to iPhones and iPads?

An iPhone or iPad which is not being updated with iOS security updates is the biggest cybersecurity threat to a user’s data and identity. Apple ensures iOS is a “walled garden”, meaning only apps from its heavily-vetted official App Store can be installed.

In 2021, the biggest threats the Labs team at TotalAV have seen have started on dangerous websites. These have included spurious calendar events and websites falsely claiming devices are infected. Needless to say, such websites are blocked on TotalAV WebShield.