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Any Threat, Anytime, Anywhere. Online Security, Done Right.

TotalAV™ is the final word in security and privacy protection for your internet-connected devices. Safeguard your online world today with our Award-Winning, dynamic antivirus suite.

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Also available for Mac®, iOS and Android

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Any Threat, Anytime, Anywhere. Online Security, Done Right.

TotalAV™ is the final word in security and privacy protection for your internet-connected devices. Safeguard your online world today with our Award-Winning, dynamic antivirus suite.

Also available for Mac®, iOS and Android

Protect your PC with our Award-Winning Antivirus for Windows

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Digital worlds matter. Protect yours with TotalAV™.

With so many threats and frustrations plaguing the internet, Antivirus alone is no longer enough. Take full advantage of our comprehensive protection to shield your data, browsing activities and location.

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Real-Time Protection

Check downloads, installs and executables for viruses & threats each time your computer accesses them.

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Block Malicious Websites

Instantly detect & block malicious websites and content to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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Encrypt Your Connection

Leave no digital footprints, making your activities anonymous, impossible to track, and even hack.

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Secure Total Password

Easily generate strong and unique passwords for all your online accounts, and keep them safe and secure behind a vault.

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Remove harmful threats from your Windows PC

Schedule Smart Scans

Set up your scans to run like clockwork and ensure your system remains safe and secure at all times.

Quarantine Suspicious Files

Instantly send potentially harmful files to quarantine before they have the chance to pose a threat.

Block fake, ‘spoofed' & malicious websites as standard on Windows

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Block Malicious Websites

TotalAV™ safeguards your data by blocking phishing, fake and ‘spoofed’ websites built to steal information.

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Verified Search Results

Check popular search engine results to ensure the website you are visiting is legitimate and trustworthy.

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Low-Trust Alerts

Receive instant alerts for low-trust and suspicious websites to avoid your details from becoming compromised.

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Safer Internet

Protect Your Information

Prevent snoopers, hackers and unwanted prying eyes from monitoring your online browsing habits.

Access Restricted Websites

Bypass geo-restricted websites and content by changing your device’s virtual location.

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We’re Rated ‘Excellent’
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25th Jun 2021

“Most helpful and easy to understand covers PC laptop, cellphones, mac's. I'm pleased.”

Sandra S

26th Jun 2021

“This is an affordable and great antivirus package. It blocks what is not wanted while allowing free range to do what you want and need both on and offline.”


26th Jun 2021

“I have had several other systems. This one is the best by far that I have had”

Peter P

28th Jun 2021

“Affordable. Reliable. Easy to use.”

Kelly M

25th Jun 2021

“I installed TotalAV and it totally helped me with my PC, I recommend it to everyone, great job”


25th Jun 2021

“TotalAV is affordable and best Virus Protection we ever used.”

T Chetty


Frequently Asked Questions

Will TotalAV™ work on my PC?

TotalAV™ is available for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher. Ensure your machine has 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 1.5GB of free disk space.

Do I need antivirus on my PC?

Today, viruses, malware and general cybersecurity threats strike in many different ways. From malware disguised as legitimate software, attachments in emails and websites using social engineering to extort money or sensitive data - never has there been so many attack vectors.

If you use social media, email, bank online, shop online and download files or software from unknown sources - you are at risk of malware. Modern threats can cause frustrating computer behaviour, expose sensitive information, lock your precious files or lead to identity theft and financial fraud.

Antivirus, combined with a website filtering service such as TotalAV™ WebShield is a must for remaining cybersafe on a Windows PC.

How does TotalAV™ for Windows compare to other Antivirus?

TotalAV™ for Windows is regularly submitted to industry testing bodies AV-TEST and AV Comparatives. The former have awarded TotalAV™ a Top Product certification when testing Protection, Performance and Usability.

TotalAV™ is lightweight, not impacting computer performance yet still providing real time protection - and better yet - Cloud protection; any unknown files TotalAV™ encounters are queried against our Advanced Protection Cloud to ensure nothing new and dangerous can run on your machine.

What else does TotalAV™ for Windows include?

As well as real-time antivirus, TotalAV™ for Windows includes a number of cleanup tools which help you keep your PC in full working order. The Windows app also includes password vault secure creation, storage and autofill as well as VPN web safety features.

Step 1 Open Once your free download has completed, click “TotalAV™.exe” in the bottom corner
Step 2 Allow When prompted click “Yes” to allow TotalAV™ to install
Step 3 Install The TotalAV™ app will launch, click “Install” and follow the instructions provided