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100% Malware Detection

In the June 2022 VB100 test, TotalAV successfully detected 100% of malicious samples in all tested sample sets, along with a 0% false positive score, thus attaining a perfect score. We look forward to seeing how its testing journey continues.

Remove All Types of Malware Threats


Our advanced anti-malware engine will protect your digital world against infections caused by many types of malware.


Spyware softwares sole purpose is to gather information about you to share it with other entities that can financially benefit from it.


Adware, or software created to aggressively advertise at you, is often unknowingly downloaded and can be very hard to remove.


Avoid becoming a victiom of malicious attacks which encrypt users files and demand a ransom payment to decrypt them.

Award-Winning Antivirus Protection

It’s not just our 25 million users which think we are great, the industry experts do also. We test ourselves alongside the world’s leading antivirus software to give our users impenetrable protection. We participate in malware protection testing to ensure our 25 million users have impenetrable security.

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